Employer: Full-Stack Engineer at Bioinformatics Laboratory at National Tsing Hua University and Samwell Testing Inc.

Poster:Fu-Ming HsuPost date:2018-11-23
 Job Description 
A software engineer who works for both Samwell Testing Inc and Computational Biology Lab in NTHU, Taiwan. The employee will develop and maintain an anti-plagiarism system involving algorithms for text comparison, and the front-end of the associated web servers. Broadly speaking, the job would involve about 30% front-end web development, and 70% back-end development and algorithm optimizations. Specifically, there would be needs for
1. Development and maintenance of the project's website
2. Algorithm implementation and performance optimization
3. Source code refactoring 
4. Deployment of the project to cloud computing platforms (such as AWS, etc.)

Therefore, we are looking for a Full-Stack Engineer/Software Developer/Software Engineer who has the ability to work in a small group as well as independently, and who enjoys Research and Development (R&D) process and challenges.

Job Category: Full-Stack Engineer/Software Developer/Software Engineer
Compensation/Monthly Salary: NTD 55,000 or more
Nature of work: Full-time
Place of Work: Professor Lee-Wei Yang's Laboratory, Institute of Bioinformatics and Structural Biology, National Tsing Hua University (Hsinchu); or Samwell Testing Inc. (Taipei)

Formal Training: Computer Science or Related Field 
Required Abilities: Python, C++, Javascript, HTML, CSS
Preferred Experience (optional):
1. Experience in database development
2. Experience in development of a project with Python Django
3. Some understanding of BLAST as well as FM index algorithm
4. APP development on Android
5. Experience with AWS
6. Experience with Git
Work Starting Date: Announce after accepted

Expiring Date: Feb 28, 2018

Person in Contact: Professor Lee-Wei Yang
E-mail:  lwyang@life.nthu.edu.tw
Please send your CV or resume to the above E-mail address.
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